04 August 2018 Print Companies

Buxton picks Tharstern as MIS for the future

Buxton Press is reorganising the management of its business around the data that a new Tharstern MIS can provide to aid decision making.

Buxton Press is installing a Tharstern MIS to improve visibility over its magazine printing business and pave the way for further gains in efficiency.

The system has been delivered and with ongoing training across all aspects of the business it will take six months before the company is fully up and running with the new MIS which replaces an EFI Technique system.

“As with any of our purchases at Buxton, we did extensive research into all suitable systems before making our decision but in the end it was made relatively easy as Tharstern ticked all the boxes on our wish list,” says CEO Kirk Galloway. “We believed that the functions and control offered by Tharstern’s MIS, coupled with the levels of support from Tharstern’s team, better fitted our current requirements as well as our future expansion plans.”

The company runs four Speedmaster XL106 long perfectors, Kolbus binding and Muller Martini stitching lines, as well as Fuji XMF prepress. The Tharstern will give the company the ability to track every job at every stage of the process, delivering this information to clients, says Galloway.

“Information flow in general will become increasingly streamlined as the system is integrated with our other existing systems and it will provide improved control on every aspect of our business from estimating through order processing, purchasing, in depth production, delivery and invoicing – and debt collection – as well as everything and anything in between,” he says.

The company had been using a Technique MIS, which is now part of the EFI productivity suite portfolio, but rather than extend this, Buxton opted for a ground up approach. The search was as much about the fit between MIS provider and printer as the technical capabilities. “Tharstern look at things from a different perspective, as we do at Buxton,” says Galloway.

There had been no previous relationship, though Buxton had kept an eye on Tharstern’s progress, attending seminars where Tharstern managing director Keith McMurtrie had been speaking. Says Galloway: “I think we’d already bought into the Tharstern brand before we even saw the full extent of what the MIS can do for us. We’re very diligent and careful in selecting our partners and after a lot of preliminary research, reading magazine articles, speaking with other Tharstern customers and industry vendors all the signs were good.”

Buxton produces around 650 regular magazine titles across 400 publishers. It will one of the first companies to use Tharstern’s Layout Library tool for automating the creation of impositions.

Gareth Ward

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Kirk Galloway

Kirk Galloway

Buxton Press has discovered an affinity for Thastern, both the product and the people behind the MIS. The first stage of the transition, which will take six months, is now underway at the magazine printer.

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