25 February 2018 Print Companies

Buxton Press commits to Kolbus with perfect binding order

Kolbus will install its largest perfect binder at Buxton Press this summer, comfortable that service and spares will remain up to scratch.

Buxton Press has ordered a new binder, returning to Kolbus for a KM610 PUR capable binder with a 16-hopper gathering section.

Chief executive Kirk Galloway says that he has been assured that Kolbus UK will service and provide parts for the new machine for the full warranty period. “So a key piece of our production equipment will be maintained by very knowledgeable engineers from Kolbus based in the UK,” he says. “We were concerned that if engineers had to come from Germany it would take 48-72 hours to come out to us.

“We looked at Muller Martini’s binders and chose what we believe is the right product, with the right level of automation and quality of build. It was a very difficult decision to make.”

The binder will replace two Wohlenberg machines supplied in the UK by Friedheim International and will be faster and more productive than the machines it replaces. Uniquely the gathering line has a 90º turn reducing its length and allowing the company to fit a 16 hopper where previously the company could only accommodate a 12-station gatherer.

“We are finding more and more situations where the extra hoppers will allow us to reduce costs on these products,” he says. “We like to keep looking forwards while a lot of printers are keeping their fingers crossed and are hoping that things will improve, but we believe we have to continue to invest.”

The new machine will be delivered in July and will run alongside an eight-hopper Kolbus perfect binder which was installed three years ago. Robert Flather, managing director of Kolbus UK, says: “We have worked with Buxton Press for many years and it is particularly pleasing that they have shown their confidence in our ability to deliver a high level of service by placing this order with us.”

While Buxton is sticking with the Kolbus binding line, Galloway believes the deal with Muller Martini is logical. “I believe that in the long run it is the best thing that could happen. We now have a partner committed to supplying quality finishing equipment and covering the needs of all printers rather than fighting each other over scraps.

“We believe that Muller Martini’s strategy is about giving the printer the machine that he needs rather than the machine that the supplier wants to build and leaving the customer to adapt it.”

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Kirk Galloway

Kirk Galloway

Kirk Galloway is confident that Buxton will receive the quality of service and support from Kolbus UK that underpins the investment in the new 16 hopper perfect binder.

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