09 February 2020 Print Companies

Bluetree will offer Landa sheets as trade service

As the online print company starts to ramp up production on the UK's first Landa press, it reveals it has already delivered jobs printed by nanongraphy.

The first jobs from the UK’s first Landa S10P installed at Bluetree Group in Rotherham have been delivered to customers. But customers have not been told that their jobs were printed on the breakthrough press.

The online print company threw open its doors for three days last week to welcome its first Landa customers and prospects and for the second and third days, Route1 customers. In on the spot phone based surveys, almost all declared they wanted to see the Landa.

And they did. It occupies part of the factory floor alongside the two flatbed HP Scitex 11000s and where previously a Heidelberg Cylinder stood. This has been moved across the factory floor to join a Moll folder in an area for non standard finishing.

Bluetree has trained three operators to run the press, drawn from litho and digital press areas, the Landa being part digital, part litho. This will also describe the work that the Landa will target. Bluetree has organised the factory around focused production cells: business cards, books and factsheet products from digital and litho pressies and banners from the flatbed inkjet.

The Landa will produce covers for the book products printed on twin Screen TruepressJet 520 HDs, and will produce flat sheets with ganged up work. These will use the same impositions as for plates used by the three B1 Heidelbergs. Bluetree will be able to direct work to litho or Landa according to schedules and profitability.

It also plans to extend a flat sheet service to include sheets printed on the Landa for finishing by Route1 customers. These can already select from 800,000 product combinations before expansion, to include Landa printed work, and before inclusion of products enhanced by the first B1 MGI Jetvarnish to be installed in the UK. As visitors were shown around the plant last week, the MGI, housed in the business card cell where it has replaced an older B2 Scodix, was trialling digital foiling.

Managing director Adam Carnell says: “We see a fantastic future for print. It is a very strong industry that is going through lots and lots of change with a huge amount of value in the product and what is delivered to the end client. The Landa is just one example of how we are trying to push the business forwards.”

The company last year took on an adjacent unit and has drawn up plans to shift all offices to the first floor of what is known as Unit B. This will provide space for the mezzanine in the first plant to be used for production of promotional items and, once the conversion of Unit B is complete, to move roll to roll inkjet equipment on to the ground floor as part of the next round of developments and expansion.

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Visitors see the Landa in action

Visitors see the Landa in action

Route1 customers were universally impressed by the quality of sheets printed on the UK's first Landa S10P at Rotherham last week. They will soon be able to buy sheets from the press to finish using excess capacity of their own as Bluetree Group beds in the press and ramps up production over the course of this year.

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