05 July 2020 Print Companies

Bluetree offers split delivery service

Online print giant Bluetree is starting a multi site delivery service to reduce the risk associated with unnecessary handling of goods.

Hard on the heels of pivoting into supply of medical grade PPE, the pandemic has spurred Route 1 Print into starting a split delivery service.

The new operation is being accommodated in the same 13,716m2 unit as the face mask production, previously earmarked for textile print and promotional products. The company explains that the service “will reduce human contact levels with packages and help prevent their customers from manually distributing packages amid the Covid-19 outbreak”.

Demand for print remains well below the levels of last year, though volumes have recovered in recent weeks, led by social distancing, Covid-19 essentials packs for small businesses, retail premises and offices, as lockdown restrictions are eased. But the company is continuing to seek additional sources of print orders.

The new split delivery option would allow an order for this type of material to be broken and dispatched to separate addresses from Bluetree rather than from a customer’s premises. Each pack can comprise different quantities of materials.

Mark Young, head of Route 1 Print, says: “We wanted to ensure we catered for multi address deliveries, making the print buying process as quick, straight forward, and hassle free as possible for our customers. 

Our new pack and collate service aims to eliminate any previous pain points around multi address distribution by offering customers the ability to split their order however they like and send their print to exactly where it needs to be. 

We are seeing an ever increasing trend of customers creating reopening collateral, so this service will help alleviate any concerns around distributing their print products and bring them a peace of mind.” 

Costs and timings will be bespoke to each job and will depend to some extent on the volumes of work being processed. Within the Bluetree workflow each delivery address becomes a distinct job even though the artwork remains the same and is only uploaded on one occasion together with a spreadsheet detailing the destinations and the quantities these will receive.

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Vince Arblaster, inkjet and dispatch manager heads up a new pack and collate service at Route 1 Print, which is intended to help reduce the number of touchpoints and therefore the risk of Covid-19 infection.

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