12 December 2018 Finishing

Bluetree gets cutting edge with Basa

Bluetree has installed a Basa handling system to automate and make its guillotining process more productive.

Bluetree is contemplating investment in a second Baumann Basa handling system to take the strain out of operating its second main guillotine. A first Basa is lifting the stack, jogging and presenting the pile to the backgauges of each of three Polar guillotines.

And the company has noticed the impact in productivity gains and in makeready times in setting the cutting sequence for jobs that have been ganged up on the litho presses and managed through a CompuCut system which accepts Cip3 data.

The calculation of the cutting sequence is matched by loading the first pile to be cut once the correct grip edge has been identified on the stack. What used to take up to seven minutes from one job to the first cutting action, now takes 45 seconds.

“The Basa is one of the most popular investments for our operators,” says managing director Adam Carnell. The energy sapping task of lifting and moving paper is eliminated, especially given the volume of work that the Rotherham company processes each day. “Now everything is running on automatic. There was a period of having to get used to a machine moving the way it did, but now that it’s been running for a few weeks the volume of work it can processes is amazing,” he says.

The system is set up through a touch screen control and is able to handle papers from 60gsm, including label stocks, through to 350gsm boards. It will also count the stack, insert separation sheets and present the stack cleanly for the next process.

The equipment was supplied by Friedheim International, which has supplied equipment to the company over the years. With the technology involved in this investment, including the ability to monitor to the system remotely to help identify any problems that may crop up, the relationship between supplier and printer needed to be deep.

“We have great faith in their support system. With such an automated machine it’s very important to have professionals dealing with the maintenance and we couldn’t be happier with Friedheim in this regard,” says Carnell. “We know that we’re being looked after and that any issue is treated with the importance it deserves.”

The installation was handled by Howard Cherry, northern region sales specialist for Friedheim. “With our technicians working closely with those from Baumann and alongside the team from Bluetree we did some thorough groundwork before the machine turned up, making the installation run seamlessly.

“It’s a very important installation for both ourselves and Baumann and having remote access to the installation, it gave the safety net that a company like Bluetree have come to expect from such an investment. Working with them has been a real pleasure, but the real pleasure is watching the Basa in operation, as it’s a thing of beauty.”

Gareth Ward

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Bluetree has automated handling of the cutting process around guillotines in its Rotherham factory with investment in a Baumann Wohlenberg Basa system. This has been welcomed by the operators and has helped slash set up times for the guillotines.

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Bluetree's first Baumann Basa handling system lifts the stack, jogs and presents the pile to the backgauges of each of three Polar guillotines. The cutting sequence has benefitted productivity and is managed through a CompuCut system which accepts Cip3 data.

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