03 June 2018 Digital Printing Technologies

Bianco Digitale brings neons, golds and whites to low cost Xerox machines

As Xerox launches its iridesse, Bianco Digitale is demonstrating how to print fluorescents, gold, silver and white on an entry level Xerox press.

Italian developer Bianco Digitale has converted a low cost Xerox C60 colour printer into a press for value added printing, with kits for metallic colours, fluorescents, whites and varnishes.

Two years after the first version was shown at Drupa, the Perugia company is able to demonstrate gold and silver printing, white, clear toner, pink and green fluorescent colours. It has also developed a white fluorescent toner. “We were asked to help a disco to find a way to validate tickets because they were having trouble with forgeries,” says a spokesman. “Nobody else has a toner like this. The toner is invisible in normal light and becomes visible under a black light.”

A single Multiverse kit will sell for around €5,000. Each has five stations to print CMYK on top of a gold or silver; or to print gold, silver, white or clear on coloured papers and cards. Another kit offers the fluorescent toner capability. This can also produce 3D images veiled through appropriate glasses. The Multiverse printer can also run as a standard Xerox printer.

The kit includes a Smart Table to ensure that the colour modules are positioned precisely to be slid as a unit into the C60.

The new Multiverse Plus version adds the ability to print on 450gsm boards, “which Xerox cannot do” says the company, and to print on textured papers and boards. This opens the way for proofing and producing short run samples of packaging print. As well as the boards, it will print on films for labels using the white ink.

The company has created its own Rip software to exploit the capability of the toner it has developed. “Last month we became a Fiery platinum partner,” the company continues. This will mean a that Bianco Digitale’s software will be available as an extension to the Fiery.

Bianco Digitale as a spin off from MC System, a Xerox gold level dealer founded in 1984. It introduced a white toner used to print thermal transfer papers using Xerox Phaser printers and subsequently has added metallic and fluorescent colours. This was expanded to include additional colours and direct to substrate printing on the machines based on the Xerox C60, its most sophisticated implementation to date.

The Multiverse machines are available through an extensive network across Italy and with limited distribution in Switzerland and France. There is currently no UK distribution.

Gareth Ward

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Xerox staff demonstrate how easily it is to change the cassette of special colour toners on the Bianca Digitale Multiverse printer during Print4All last week. The company has produced fluorescent, white, clear and gold and silver toners for the Xerox C60 printer.

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