21 January 2019 Print Companies

Becoming the Marie Celeste of the internet

Like a garden, a website needs tending. Don't let it die with outdated digital weeds.

So you have built the website. It looks great. It shows off some examples of stunning looking print. There’s a blog or three and links to Facebook and Twitter to show that you are switched on to social media and the way that business is done these days. Well done. But the job has only just begun.

A website is a garden. It needs tending. Weeding when it becomes overgrown; planting to provide year around interest and adding new features. All too often printers think a website is finished when it is uploaded. They forget to look at their websites with through the eyes of someone not familiar with the business. At the extreme this can mean news stories that date from August 2017, equipment lists that are equally out of date and with links to suppliers that have gone out of business.

Even internet savvy managers and directors can miss this out, forgetting that they need to visit their own page and compare what it says with how competitors present themselves. A neglected website is not doing its job. Worse it is putting potential customers off. And we still claim to be in the communications business.

Gareth Ward