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Baker Goodchild installs first Xerox Baltoro inkjet press

Birmingham direct and transactional mail printer is among the first in the UK with the high quality Xerox sheetfed inkjet press.

Baker Goodchild has followed on investment in a Xerox Iridesse 12 months ago with one of the first Xerox Baltoro inkjet presses in the UK.

The machine is in place in the Birmingham direct mail and transactional printer and is about to produce its first commercial jobs. Managing director Paul Brough says: “We have a number of applications that we can transfer to the new machine. And it gives the sales team another piece in the armoury to sell print and solutions around.”

The press is a two page cut sheet inkjet press printing with Xerox HF inks through its own W series piezo printheads at 1200dpi. It will print both duplex and single-sided sheets at 197ppm, faster than any toner based approach. The cost model is based on the amount of ink used rather than a per page click rate.

This means, says Brough, that for transactional documents with relatively low ink coverage, the Baltoro offers a more economic approach than toner. “It very much suits some of the transactional and business mail work we do,” he says, “and we can explore solutions for slightly different markets.”

Brough joined Baker Goodchild from Opus Trust four months ago where the company was used to high speed inkjet web presses. This was a step too far, though not ruled for the future. Instead, cut sheet printing is a less risky investment as Baker Goodchild already has a finishing set up for handling cut sheet work at this format.

“It also fits nicely into our print room without too much disruption that would have been necessary with a larger press,” he says. As well as the Iridesse, the company runs two Nuveras and a Versant from Xerox.

“We are really pleased that Paul has chosen the Baltoro,” says Kevin O’Donnell, head of marketing, Xerox Graphic Productions Systems UK & Ireland. “We have had a lot of interest in this press and Baker Goodchild is one of the first three to go into the UK. Others have been sold but have yet to arrive and we have a healthy pipeline of business. A lot of people are curious and want to see it.

“It makes a lot of sense for a company in the transactional and direct mail space. It offers something different and we think it’s a fairly unique proposition. It enables a company to make the decision to the leap into inkjet a much more less daunting proposition because they keep the infrastructure they have in place while they continue to enjoy the same level of service.”

Baltoro is designed around the same sheet transport technology that has been effective in the iGen platform and is the first Xerox press to use its own printheads. The technology allows the colour ink heads to be capped when running in black only mode.

Because the ink sits in the paper rather than be fused to its surface, the inkjet technology will be preferred to toner by some customers and will reduce the amount of litho work that Baker Goodchild buys in, says Brough. “We can move towards a white paper scenario,” he says.

By Gareth Ward

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Xerox Iridesse

Xerox Iridesse

Baker Goodchild installed a Xerox Iridesse at the start of last year and 12 months later has become one of the first in the UK to take delivery of the new Xerox Baltoro cutsheet inkjet press. It opens new opportunities in transactional mail, says the company.

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