16 June 2019 Print Companies

Arizona boost to Wrights Plastics

Midlands display specialist is eyeing new targets thanks to power and quality of latest Océ Arizona investment.

Display unit specialist Wright Plastics has replaced its first Canon Arizona flatbed inkjet press with the latest Arizona 6170.

This offers higher speed and most importantly higher print quality than either of the two machines in place in the West Bromwich factory, one staying and the other to be replaced.

“We deal with a lot of cosmetics companies,” says commercial director Andy Watkins, “so we wanted quality from this machine as well as speed.”

A major part of the work is creating the display stands for these customers to fit in the aisles of Superdrug and the like. These are formed from plastic with print applied to the surface. The company is also producing backlit displays where the near photographic quality as Watkins puts it, from the new machine will be pressed into use.

The speed will also open up opportunities. “We are looking at printing advertising hoardings and thing like that,” he says. “This could take us into a completely different sector. We are already printing wallpapers as well as rigid plastics.”

Wright Plastics is anticipating being able to expand the range of substrates it can tackle to include MDF, textiles, glass and even concrete. “I’d be happy for anyone to challenge us to print on almost any material,” he adds.

The Arizona 6170 offers a print speed up to 155m2/hr, amounting to at least three times faster than the company has been used to. With faster mounting and set up it anticipates being able to deliver jobs faster when required aided by the LED curing system which runs cooler and also pends up different materials.

Océ’s VariaDot technology delivers from 6-42pl droplets for the highest quality rendition of the flesh tones that are vital for the cosmetics customers. A bed of 2.5x3.5 metres opens up construction site hoardings and boards, decor for offices and restaurants and art for these and domestic markets.

The printers are supported by multiple CNC lathes, laser and conventional cutters which have the capacity to cope with any extra workload.

By Gareth Ward

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Arizona to Wrights

Arizona to Wrights

Wrights Plastics has invested in a new Océ Arizone, boosting capacity for printing retail displays for the cosmetics sector and to help the business expand to new areas.

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