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Anthology: New Generation UV

All the information on new generation UV, all in one place. The New Generation UV Anthology was first published in September 2013 and is updated with highlights on an ongoing basis.

New generation UV covers the use of tuned mercury vapour lamps and LEDs to cure compatible inks. The technology extends what is commonplace in carton printing, label printing and large format printing into commercial printing.

There are five reasons to consider new generation UV

The sheet is immediately dry in the delivery and can be processed at once enabling litho printers to offer an express turnaround service.

There is no spray powder to dull the impact of ink, to be cleaned away from the press and to contaminate finishing equipment.

It extends printing with litho into printing on plastic materials because there is no extra heat generated by the UV lamps.

There is a tremendous energy saving over conventional hot air/IR dryers.

There is a big quality improvement when printing on uncoated papers because ink remains on the surface rather than soaking into the fibres of the paper.

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The Latest news

The Latest news

Premier doubles up with second RMGT installation

Resource moves to join the LED UV club

Dayfold moves to CS92 with LED UV

LED plus digital delivers for Corsham

Warwick puts faith in Heidelberg LED

KBA LED expands horizons for Blackmore

Wincanton reckons Heidelberg LE-UV is a winner

Flint introduces Vantage package to ease path to LED

LED UV takes firm grip across applications

J Thomson Colour will lead with AMS Multiwave

Loop picks Komori because of H-UV

Ortek opts for first H-UV upgrade

Fine Print orders LE UV Speedmaster

The Technology

Round table highlights LED's direction

LED allows litho to fight back against digital

Press manufacturers spread the net to underline future for litho

New generation UV printing is set to be the Next Big Thing

On the right wavelength: Ultra violet technology is available to litho printers in many guises.

New generation UV find foothold in the UK

Press suppliers consider the upgrade option

The choice of UV inks is spreading

Case Studies

Some case studies of printers and the presses they chose…

B3 RMGT gives Healeys extra Suffolk punch

C&D satisfies demanding requirements with new way of printing

B&B Press Sakurai

Blackmore KBA

Emtone Komori

Greenhouse Graphics Komori

Hedgerow Print Komori

Hertford Offset Komori

Hunts Komori

Indigo Press Komori

Kingsdown Ryobi

K2 Komori

Lithgo Press Komori

Opal Print AMS LED

Platinum Press Komori

Precision moves to SRA1 LED Ryobi

Remous Komori

Komori retrofit

Fine Print Heidelberg LE-UV

Vario Press Sakurai with Baldwin LED UV dryers

Corsham Print Ryobi

Wincanton PrintHeidelberg

LGP Ryobi

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