19 January 2020 Paper

Antalis answers question of carbon balancing plastics

The merchant has been able to offset carbon emissions from paper. It can now do the same with plastic products.

Antalis can carbon balance any of the substrates it sells; plastics and synthetics as well as fibre based paper and board. And it is offering printers a choice between three options to offset the carbon generated in production of the material.

These cover carbon offsetting through preservation of rainforest in Vietnam under the auspices of the World Land Trust, preservation of forest land in South America through Forest Carbon and through planting of new UK woodland through the same organisation.

Forest Carbon has planted 8 million trees in the UK since 2006 in woodlands across the country. Two of these are plots that Antalis supports. Other supporters include Reflex Labels and Adare with their own identifiable patch of woodland planted to offset emissions generated in production.

The change is that Antalis has found a way to calculate the emissions created in production of display materials, banners, rigid boards and more that fall outside the scope of conventional paper suppliers. It means that for a small additional fee printers can tell their clients that any carbon associated with a job is being sequestered through additional trees.

“We started with Forest Carbon in 2015, supported a forest near Kettering,” says CSR manager Matthew Botfield. The Antalis Woodlands also includes a plantation in the north west. These ventures provide the merchant with carbon credits which can be passed on to its customers.

“We have been looking for ways to broaden the offer to cover the packaging materials we supply and the sign and display substrates. But measuring the carbon footprint of these has always been an obstacle. The missing ingredient was always that number.

“Now we have found that. There is a lot of research behind calculating these figures, drawn from different reports and the requirements from other sectors.”

Interest in doing this has increased since the Blue Planet television series highlighting the problems that waste plastic can cause. This has increased interest in the use of fibre based packaging, says Botfield, and in demands for more information so that printers can develop their own story.”

By Gareth Ward

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Woodlands support

Woodlands support

Antalis is working with Forest Carbon to offset emissions from paper and now from plastics used in packaging and substrates used in sign and display. The Antalis Woodlands in Northamptonshire and Cumbria is the result.

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