19 November 2017 xPrint Companies

Alpha Colour takes second Heidelberg Versafire

Alpha Colour Printers has installed a second digital press from Heidelberg, freeing up capacity on litho and its first Versafire CV.

Alpha Colour Printers is complementing its Heidelberg Versafire CV digital press with a second Versafire CV.

The first press has five print units, capable of adding white, a clear toner or neon colours to CMYK, and a long sheet feeder able to deliver 6pp A4. This remains the creative focus, while the new machine as a four-colour-only version will handle the bread and butter short run digital work that the Gloucester company handles. It will thus create more capacity both for work that requires a value added element and also take short run work from the B2 litho press.

“It will free up the original press to handle the special work and will allow us to handle even more business cards, brochures, stationery, posters and a range of other printed material,” says Luke Ostle, repro director.

The company is a long standing Heidelberg customer running a five-colour plus coater Speedmaster XL75 installed as a carbon balanced machine in 2014. This was the first Heidelberg in the UK to receive this accolade.

Both litho an digital come under a Heidelberg workflow making its straightforward to switch between processes and with consistent colour across both. Consequently, says Ostle, the company decides which process to use on a job weighing up the cost of the click against that for a set of plates.

“There is no definitive run length but obviously a 15-poster order would go digital and a 500-run eight-page brochure might well go litho. Most customers leave us to decide which technology works best for their job. The quality on this toner based machine has got better and better,” he says.

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Jeff Williams

Jeff Williams

Managing director Jeff Williams has steered an investment course for the Gloucester company that has led to a second Versafire CV digital press to join what was the UK's first carbon neutral Heidelberg Speedmaster XL75.

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