22 October 2017 Prepress

Agfa's Cloud connects print across Irish Sea

Bridson & Horrox has brought its Isle of Man and Lancashire businesses under the same prepress workflow, driven by Agfa's Apogee Cloud.

Bridson & Horrox has implemented a single Agfa workflow across its own Isle of Man factory and that of the Lancashire businesses it bought last year.

The company has chosen to put its entire workflow in the Cloud, allowing it to eliminate on site servers and enabling production staff, regardless of location, to work on files. It is part of a wider consolidation where the two Bolton businesses have been brought together on one site.

Bridson & Horrox bought Haslam Printers in February last year, following up with the acquisition of Wallace Printers in October. The two companies have been brought together on the latter’s site with investment in litho and digital print, Avalon platemaking and the workflow to drive the equipment.

“I started talking to various suppliers about a cloud solution but it worked out that only Agfa could provide what I was looking for,” says chief executive Darren Horrox. Consequently Apogee Cloud has been implemented across both locations.

The company’s server is now effectively visible to all operators via a single interface. The servers themselves are hosted by Agfa in Belgium where the security needed by supplier’s medical division ensures that data is securely protected. With high speed internet access to jobs, there is no latency to contend with.

Should one broadband connection be disrupted, “I can access Apogee Cloud using another broadband link” says Horrox. “Cloud technology helps reduce the capital investment as there is no requirement to invest in servers or to maintain them. When an in-house server goes down it can cause no end of time consuming problems.”

The next phase will be an integration with the company’s MIS and from there into Agfa PrintSphere, its Cloud based tool for extending the workflow to customers and the scope of that workflow into production data as well as uploading job files, web to print portals and offering back ups of the prepress database..

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Apogee Cloud in place

Apogee Cloud in place

Darren Horrox, Agfa systems specialist Barbara Cooper and Agfa area rep David Cross with the platesetter that has formed part of the investment package since the Douglas company has made acquisitions on the mainland. An Apogee Cloud workflow now links the two production sites.

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