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Print does not get the internet

The internet is the most powerful communication medium yet developed. It is an always on means of letting your prospects and customers discover you, but so many in printing fail to understand this.

The Internet is the most powerful platform yet developed for communication, trading and research. It has transformed business cultures, enabling the growth of Amazon and in this industry the likes of FlyerAlarm, Cimpress, Onlineprinters and Bluetree to name but a handful. It is an always on resource where websites are always welcoming to visitors and potential customers.

Given that print is part of the communication industry, why do so many printers simply not get it? I have to cruise through dozens of websites in a week, checking equipment, personnel names and titles and news or blogs. The equipment lists are disappearing, a shame for me but confusing for today’s print buyers. But disappearing too are any updates. So many last had anything to tell customers in 2014 or last blogged in 2016 that it feels as if someone threw a switch: “Internet? Pah! We’re not interested!” Which translates as “Customers? Who needs them?”

To a large extent the excitement of getting a website, loading it with content, committing to add new content regularly or to posting a blog every month, has waned. New customers did not make the call, the investment in the website could be seen as a waste of time. We all know though that a consumer needs to see a message multiple times before taking action, so a customer is not likely to fill in the deadly email form to nowhere on a first visit. It is like choosing a pub: do you choose the Red Lion where the door is open and there is clearly something going on inside, people eating drinking and chatting, or do you choose The Slaughtered Lamb?

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