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Print Business is a bi-monthly magazine, publishing six times a year beginning with the January/February issue. The issues are individually themed, and the whole of 2019 celebrates the Prowess of Print. Last year’s theme of Automation will continue throughout 2019 and in the run up to Drupa.


Print Business has always themed its issues, and these themes are chosen by topicality. Popular editions of Print Business are those that concentrate on subjects where there are news and innovation. Deciding a year ahead what is going to be topical is impossible. Print Business editor Gareth Ward is very good at spotting trends and predicting where the industry is going.

It is with this in mind that Print Business publishes a features list. However, this is subject to change as we work in partnership with advertisers to bring our readers newsworthy and interesting content. The summary of the themes of the issues are in the rolling panels to the right (computer) or scroll down (mobile devices).

What to expect in the pages of Print Business in 2019? Mega trends such as Brexit, the plastics debate, sustainability, skill shortages and G5 will provide one thrust of content. The developments in LED UV, inkjet and personalisation a second thrust. The evolution of the markets in which printers are working –books, direct mail, labels, cartons and so on – are a third direction. Business management through workflow, MIS, artificial intelligence and the like create the fourth part of the matrix.

As we have stressed before, in order to survive, we believe that commercial printers must move beyond the ink on paper approach. There is room for a limited number of high volume print specialists, often highly automated and working online. Other printers must adopt a value added bespoke approach, offering different formats, different finishes, different substrates. We know that print can intrigue and engage and can therefore be highly effective. We will highlight the printers that are doing this and are showing what can be done.

Sometimes the subjects will stand alone. Sometimes a customer profile will be used to highlight a technology point. For example, a profile of a printer may cover issues relating to workflow automation or embellishment. This makes it tricky to timetable exactly when features will fall during the year. But this is also why readers consume the magazine from end to end. And why, if you are active in any of these areas, you should be advertising that fact in the magazines that business-conscious printers want to read.

For more information on how to work in partnership and a detailed explanation of upcoming themed issues call 01580 236456.

Price List 2019

Please note that Print Business does not publish ratecard prices, ie grossly inflated figures designed to be negotiated down to approximately 30% of the original. We instead set the prices at a fair rate that our advertisers seem happy with.

We are unable to offer agency discounts except by prior negotiation and our written agreement.

If your agency's accounts department automatically takes off 10%, make sure that you adjust these prices accordingly. For example, a one-off full page is £1,500.00 so you should add 11.1% (£1,666.50) then subtract your agency discount of 10% (£1,499.85).

Full Page in Print Business Magazine

One-Off £1,500 | 2-3 Insertions £1,300 | 4+ £1,100

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One-off £900 | 2-3 Insertions £850 | 4+ £750
Half Page Solus within Copy £1,200

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Six for £750

Book six consecutive ads and each one will cost £750. This takes away the task of working out which issue is the best. Also available as half pages for £450 each for six.


Print Business goes to about 6,000 people at about 5,000 companies, most of whom are decision makers at UK commercial and large format printers.

The Monday Morning News ezine goes to about 2,700 people who have opted in. It has a extremely high average open rate of 60% and click through (around 24%) rates and is free to subscribers. This is a very popular product, as is shown by its open rate.

Production Schedule 2019

Jan/Feb = 11 February
Mar/Apr = 25 March
May/Jun = 03 June
Jul/Aug = 22 July
Sep/Oct = 02 September
Nov/Dec = 18 November

Jan/Feb = 25 January
Mar/Apr = 08 March
May/Jun = 17 May
Jul/Aug = 05 July
Sep/Oct = 16 August
Nov/Dec = 01 November

Mechanical Data

Artwork must be supplied as PDF/X-1a or higher, 300dpi resolution, CMYK. All ads require 3mm bleed to all edges. Please ensure that the ad image extends beyond the crop area and to the bleed area. Clicking on 'Bleed' only shows the bleed area. That area must be filled. Print Business cannot be held responsible for white edges due to ads without proper bleed.

Full Page 210mm wide x 297 mm deep + 3mm bleed
Half Page 210mm wide x 140mm deep + 3mm bleed
Ezine Banner 631px wide x 115px deep, RGB Jpeg (Sorry, we cannot accept animated Gifs)

Artwork to be sent to:

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2019 Forecasts for the year ahead.

BOOK PRINTING How to produce a winning book as books become long term promotional pieces as well as literature.

HIGH STREET Has the traditional printshop disappeared?
ROBOTS What role do they play in print?

FOLDERS FOR COMMERCIAL PRINTERS As the demands on commercial printers change, so does the challenge for finishing equipment.

COST MANAGEMENT AND PAPER How to minimise the impact of price increases.

APPLICATIONS FOR INKJET PRINTING The technology is in place, but where can printers make money?

HUNKELER Preview of the popular finishing and digital event.

Story 1 of 9

LED UV Where are we now?

LARGE FORMAT Opportunities beyond graphics, decor and fabrics, plus the Sign & Display preview.

BREXIT AND PRINT This feature is subject to change.

CARTON PRINTING Can commercial printers change their spots and break into cartons?

CUTTING All things table, rotary die and laser.

PLACE FOR PLASTIC Is plastic necessary in the printing industry? What are the alternatives and how to avoid the problems plastic creates?

WORKFLOW AUTOMATION Why is it necessary and what to be aware of.

Story 2 of 9

INDUSTRY 4.0 That and the Internet of Things: how these technologies are being adopted by suppliers and what this means for printers.

PERSONALISATION That and variable data for printers.

DIRECT MAIL The medium for Generation Z, including inserting machines, integrity and envelopes.

COLOUR MANAGEMENT For different technologies and multiple locations.

CHEMISTRY IN PRINT How to minimise it. No IPA founts, process-free plates etcetera.

Story 3 of 9

ONLINE PRINTING The low down ahead of the Online Print Forum in September.

CATALOGUES The changing face of the old staples, from low cost to high value bespoke. And why print beats digital.

FINISHING Foiling, varnish, lamination and other ways to add value after printing. For cards, cartons and brochures.

RECYCLED Papers and boards and the role of forest certification.


Story 4 of 9

EXHIBITION PREVIEWS The Print Show and Labelexpo.

HYBRID PRINTING Is the future of the printing press built around a combination of technologies.

HIGH VALUE Papers that exude a touch of class.

NEW MARKETS FOR PRINT Printing on any surface, direct to product, garments and the weird stuff.

Story 5 of 9

PRINTED ELECTRONICS The market, the techniques, the low down.

SHEETFED PRINTING 2009 Inkjet, offset, toner or LED?

INLINE What is possible to print and finish inline?

Story 6 of 9

Jan/Feb = 11 February
Mar/Apr = 25 March
May/Jun = 03 June
Jul/Aug = 22 July
Sep/Oct = 02 September
Nov/Dec = 18 November

Jan/Feb = 25 January
Mar/Apr = 08 March
May/Jun = 17 May
Jul/Aug = 05 July
Sep/Oct = 16 August
Nov/Dec = 01 November

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Advertising in print is a brilliant brand builder. It keeps your company in front of the people you want to reach. When they get to the point where they want to find a supplier, it helps if there is a name already in the front of their minds.

Advertising isn't just about new business. Any major purchase is a big decision and seeing the supplier's adverts reassures your customers that they made the right decision.

The Six for £750 offer is an affordable way to make sure that whatever issue of Print Business the decision maker is reading, your ad will be in it.

Story 8 of 9

Print Business uses a rifle rather than a shotgun. Our sights are firmly set on those who make the decisions. If the latest copy of Print Business isn't in a printer's reception, it is because it is on the managing director's desk. We don't send in an armful of copies to boost our circulation. We just aim for the top.

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Media Pack Synopsis

Media Pack Synopsis