Kodak drops ahead of pandemic pain

The full effects of the Covid-19 pandemic will be felt in coming quarters, but there was enough in the first three months of the year to depress the company's sales.

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Jordi goes for gold with Kodak Nexpress

The Swiss printer added a Kodak Nexpress ZX3300 to its line up in July last year. It is not only pleased with its high quality yield, but productivity too, as it hopes the press will enable to company to grow.

Kodak believes in print again says Jim Continenza

Kodak has print in its DNA, says executive chairman Jim Continenza, and print will be part of its future as it ‘doubles down on digital’.

Kodak establishes firm platform for future

Kodak has reorganised is debt and its management structure and is ready to sell its way to growth, says executive chairman Jim Continenza.

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