MAMS leads with Ricoh inkjet and paper wrapping

Leeds direct mail specialist has invested in the first Ricoh Pro C70000 in the UK and bolstered its ability to meet growing demand for paper wrapping.

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A view from the bridge: the Integrity story from forms to many forms

Shifting the direction of a business that had flourished when printed forms were in the primacy, is not an overnight task. It is one that Integrity has undertaken with the new businesses picking up the strain and becoming the growth drivers.

Print hits the precision personalised spot

What if a printed catalogue could work in the same way as a web page, serving up a pot pourri of products that precisely matched an individual’s purchase and browsing history? That is what First Move and Complete Care have managed with the online business’s first foray into ink on paper.

Epic choice with Friedheim doubles enhanced options

Epic Print has decided to focus on value added print, enhanced by Scodix and now by Kama foiling is paying off for Dorset printer.

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