Smile please! Deal unites largest photobook producers

Shutterfly and Snapfish are coming together to create the largest digital print photo products group in North America with designs on expansion into wider areas of print.

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Print hits the precision personalised spot

What if a printed catalogue could work in the same way as a web page, serving up a pot pourri of products that precisely matched an individual’s purchase and browsing history? That is what First Move and Complete Care have managed with the online business’s first foray into ink on paper.

Epic choice with Friedheim doubles enhanced options

Epic Print's decision to focus on value added print, enhanced by Scodix and now by Kama foiling is paying off for Dorset printer.

MBO folder investment as Warners' web hall adds roof

The new web press hall is the key investment this year for Warners, but has not prevented the company adding to its fleet of sheetfed folders.

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