Friedheim fills finishing gap with Young Shin deal

Friedheim International is to represent South Korean platen manufacturer Young Shin in the UK, with a focus on larger formats and corrugated.

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Baumann adds to automation to ease cutting bottleneck

Baumann has developed a lower cost version of its automated jogging system to expand the appeal of automation the cutting process.

Friedheim delivers Palamides that will deliver for ECM

ECM Print Finishers is looking forward to running its stitchers flat out, thanks to investment in the latest Palamides strapping stacker.

Precision goes Ultra with Friedheim's first Scodix

Precision Printing is taking delivery of a new Scodix Ultra 101, introducing digital foiling to its range of services. It is the first of its kind in the UK and the first that Friedheim has sold since taking on the agency.

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