A very dangerous addiction

In a price war there will be many casualties.

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The Christmas Story: The Sleeping Princess and the Seven Consultants

The famous fairy tale is modernised for the 21st printing industry. Gareth Ward, as is his tradition, puts a printing twist on a seasonal tale to enjoy along with mince pies, a glass of cognac and a pinch of salt.

Continuous inkjet is poised for centre stage

High speed inkjet has overcome the restrictions that have held it back explains Eef de Ridder, vice president of commercial printing, Commercial and Industrial Printing group, Ricoh Europe.

All about the experience

Chris Green, Antalis UK channel head, visual communications, says that the demise of many high street names, the rise of commerce and demographic change have combined to create the greatest challenge in years for the UK's retail sector. Enterprising punters should scent an opportunity he says.

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