Not so plastic fantastic

Plastic is now a hot issue across all industries and print has to do something about its dependence on single-use and hard to recycle materials. And there is the threat of legislation if the industry cannot find eco friendly alternatives to polywrap.

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LED UV is simply transformative for any print business

Victor Kiam famously declared he enjoyed the Remington razor so much, he bought the company. Now Sakurai house Vario Press has taken on sales and service for the Japanese press maker because its LED UV technology is simply transformative for any print business, says David Clarke.

The bottlenecks that create opportunity for printers

Bottlenecks are temporary buffers in the workflow that enable printers to achieve improvements in productivity says Udi Ariel's Theory of Global Optimisation.

Automation in prepress becomes industry’s driving force

According to many suppliers ‘Automation is the biggest driver of business at the moment. Nobody wants to employ additional people’. Automation reduces touch points, curtails costs and improves quality. What’s not to like?

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