Anthology: New Generation UV

All the information on new generation UV, all in one place. The New Generation UV Anthology was first published in September 2013 and is updated with highlights on an ongoing basis.

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The shape of the UK printing industry is still changing

The rate of this change and extent is shown by government statistics, which pick out sectors where there is growth as well as highlighting how far some areas have declined.

The journey to LED is underway: Kodak, M Partners, GEW and VanSon discuss new generation UV

Myths and mistruths surround the technology of litho printing with LED UV. At the Print Business round table, experts discuss these issues with feedback from some of the successful adopters.

Konica Minolta plays the listening game

Konica Minolta has strengthened its position in the UK as supplier of industrial strength, digital print technology over the last 12 months and it is introducing technology to keep that momentum rolling.

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