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15 September 2020

Reset. Redefine. Realign. Renaissance

A change in course is coming for the industry, and for some it has already begun. Gareth Ward argues printers must willingly adapt in order to thrive.

Marian Stefani, CEO of the IPIA, last week called for a reset of the printing industry. During a webinar on the aftermath of the pandemic, hosted by Ricoh, she declared: “We have to look at a different future. This is the Ctrl/Alt/Delete moment where we can reset the industry.” Very few would argue with this assessment, that change is necessary. But into what? Here there are few real opinions, let alone any kind of consensus.

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07 September 2020

All for one and one for all

Three prominent UK based print businesses have created their very own supergroup, granting them the power to create and deliver new ways of working with both ends of the printing industry.

There will be a certain amount of good natured leg pulling over the merger between three of the leading companies in the industry to form a £45m super group. Who is Eric Clapton, or which is Tony Stark in this remake of Avengers Assemble? Yet logic prevails. This really is a bold move, one that changes the future for these companies, their staff and customers and one that will be looked at very closely both in this country and overseas.

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01 September 2020

Lessons to learn as schools return

Print is about to play a pivotal role in children's return to school. But perhaps it should also have been used to make learning accessible for all during lockdown.

The power of print will be ably demonstrated the length and breadth of the country this week as printed graphics remind school children to keep apart from their friends, to keep washing hands and where they should stand and sit to minimise risks of spreading Covid-19. Digital simply cannot do what print can. Print has a key role in society for all ages, not just older generations.

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24 August 2020

Time for the scientific approach

From the beginning, print was built on science. From chemistry and physics, to computer science. Now, the social sciences are coming into play.

Printing has always been an industry that is dependent on science, especially physics and chemistry. In its letterpress days there was a need to understand metallurgy and the almost steam punk engineering of casters and presses like Heidelberg's platen. Then came litho and its need to understand chemistry, both in plate coatings and processing of film and plates and in the onpress interaction of oil based ink and water. Later with digital prepress and subsequently digital printing, computer science and programming has come into its own.

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