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21 January 2019

Becoming the Marie Celeste of the internet

Like a garden, a website needs tending. Don't let it die with outdated digital weeds.

So you have built the website. It looks great. It shows off some examples of stunning looking print. There’s a blog or three and links to Facebook and Twitter to show that you are switched on to social media and the way that business is done these days. Well done. But the job has only just begun.

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14 January 2019

The first edition of the new year is good news for print

Books may be buoyant, but that does not mean print should be taken for granted.

The news about books is all positive. Sales of printed books are up. More independent book shops opened in 2018 (though my personal favourite finally closed down, though that was about secondhand not newly published books). And this interest is not confined to the UK. In the US publishers and consumers are learning to live with delays to orders because there is not enough US book production capacity to cope with demand.

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07 January 2019

Turn hard work into smart work

Working smarter is the answer and in the long run may be the smartest step of all.

If you have not come up with a new year's resolution for your business, can I humbly suggest Work Smarter? It is something that we should all be doing in any case, looking for the sort of continual improvement that keeps us a nose ahead of the competition. But stopping to think hard about how to work smarter may bring even greater rewards. And, handled sensibly, should be embraced by staff.

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17 December 2018

What will Santa bring the industry?

The Christmas wish list includes hopes that the advertising industry wakes up to the problems with social media.

And so the year draws to a close. It has been a long one, with the industry suffering the uncertainties caused by Brexit, a steadily increasing set of prices, particularly in paper, and continuing overcapacity that company closures cannot erase. We have customers that seem to have lost their faith in print.

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