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04 February 2019

Goodbye shouldn't mean aufwiedersehen

As the UK prepares to leave the EU, printers could be foolish if they do not look at opportunities on the Continent.

It would appear that having stepped into the quagmire that is leaving the EU, nobody in the UK has any idea of how to get out of the mess. Rather, there are plenty of people with ideas of how to get out of the morass, or with advice saying that in a few more steps we will be on the promised land, but few of these voices have the power to do anything about it. We have to watch fascinated, horrified or delighted as appropriate, as the whole drama plays out in the theatre of Westminster. It just awaits a Shakespeare to put this Latter Day Hamlet or Another Comedy of Errors on the stage.

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28 January 2019

Time is called on the mid-sized business

Too small to bestride their sector or too large to have minimal overheads, businesses in the middle must find new ways to survive.

The sale of the Fuller’s beer business to Japanese giant Asahi last week was accompanied by an explanation that the brewer was not big enough to compete with the world’s giants, nor small enough to be an artisan producer. Instead, in London Pride it produces the best selling ale in the UK and a host of other beers from an iconic location in Chiswick where the country’s oldest wisteria clambers over the walls. But this is not enough.

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21 January 2019

Becoming the Marie Celeste of the internet

Like a garden, a website needs tending. Don't let it die with outdated digital weeds.

So you have built the website. It looks great. It shows off some examples of stunning looking print. There’s a blog or three and links to Facebook and Twitter to show that you are switched on to social media and the way that business is done these days. Well done. But the job has only just begun.

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14 January 2019

The first edition of the new year is good news for print

Books may be buoyant, but that does not mean print should be taken for granted.

The news about books is all positive. Sales of printed books are up. More independent book shops opened in 2018 (though my personal favourite finally closed down, though that was about secondhand not newly published books). And this interest is not confined to the UK. In the US publishers and consumers are learning to live with delays to orders because there is not enough US book production capacity to cope with demand.

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