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29 October 2018

The Halloween nightmare for printers

The undead walk among us, throwing down a challenge to beat them or join them.

This week the streets will be filled with kids clutching buckets to collect sweets and dressed as ghosts, goblins and zombies. None will be dressed as Pete the Cut Price Printer, who is in reality just as scary as anybody from a fictional horror story. Print is experiencing something of a swing back from its much touted extinction to a renewed appreciation of its effectiveness as an advertising channel, of printed books and specialist kick-back-and-relax magazines. But if this applies to print, it does not apply to printers. In the eyes of print buyers, too many printers look like too many other printers, just as one high street department store looks like another high street department store. Pete the Printer is dead.

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17 September 2018

The unlimited appeal of Instagram

Have you considered the Instagram appeal of your factory? Perhaps you should.

We are living in an age where consumers are seeking out experiences, something that feeds into pop up shops, restaurants and all kinds of temporary events that crucially can be snapped and then displayed on Instagram. So pervasive has this social media channel become that people will travel for miles to add an image to their Instagram page. And it will be viewed and shared perhaps hundreds or thousands of times.

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14 September 2018

The tricky second album

Inkjet has been coming for many years, now Landa has notched its first UK sale could a second be far behind?

Landa has won the unofficial race to be the first with a true sheetfed B1 digital press in the UK. It was always likely to be – the Landa having been prologued at Drupa 2012 and demonstrated in prototype form four years later. The first Landas are running elsewhere, so too the first of Heidelberg’s Primefire 106 inkjet presses. But there is no sign of a UK installation of this digital giant Nor anything as yet of an announced project from KBA.

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18 August 2018

Pearls cast before the swines of print

Printers all too often ignores what is beneath their nose.

Printers have access to some of the best thinking on marketing, on brand building, on innovative design, photography and writing around, yet rarely seem to act on it. This information is literally beneath their noses, fingers and eyes, but it barely registers. This is the stuff that passes through their business every day, printed on presses, folded, stitched and shipped. Yet for the most part it receives only the scantest attention. It is a resource that is wasted.

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