Ending the plate bottleneck: Antilope leaps ahead with Kodak

Antilope De Bie has installed new Kodak platesetters to cope with demand from a six-press line up, including two new UV presses.

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ImageData is open for business as an outward looking print group

ImageData Group has grown to be one of the largest print groups in the UK while remaining very much under the radar. With a new team driving the business, this is starting to change.

Zalsman doubles up on Ricoh inkjets

Dutch company Zalsman is the first to run Ricoh's offset replacement Pro VC70000 inkjet web.

UDS with first EFI Nozomi C18000 inkjet press in Central Europe

Inkjet is spreading into new areas, geographically and in terms of industry sector. Among the most promising applications, for suppliers at least, is printing on corrugated boards in point of sale and packaging.

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