EPac builds international future on HP Indigo platform

EPac is a digital packaging printer that embodies the think global, act local approach and by partnering with well established companies and personnel, is growing rapidly on the back of HP Indigo presses and a customer base of start up food companies needing new styles of packaging.

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Wish fulfilled: DG3/Leycol ticks the Koenig & Bauer Production Excellence box

When Jason Manchester joined DG3/Leycol, one target was to win the Koenig & Bauer production excellence award. In 2019 the company took home the trophy, sharing it with Offset Printing & Packaging.

Kinyosha fires up inkjet printing for flexible packaging

Japanese company is the first in the world to use the Uteco Sapphire Evo Kodak-powered inkjet press for production of flexible packaging.

Rigoli and Memjet add the cream to coffee pouches

Italian coffee company Caffé 101 is right at the forefront of the move to digitally printed packaging and is a classic example of how printing digitally can both solve logistics problems and improve quality of service.

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